Q. How often should I string my racquet?
A. Generally speaking, you should string your racquet once a year (best before the weather gets better in May). However, it is best to string your racquet as many times in a year as you play in one week (if you play 4 times a week, string your racquet 4 times a year).

Q. My racquet has a recommended tension between 55-65 pounds, what should I string it at?
A. I usually recommend stringing the racquet right in the middle at 60 pounds and then gauging how you liked it for the next time. I will ask for your feedback on how you liked the feel, the power and if you had any discomfort in your arm or wrist. From that, we can work together to find the best tension for you.

Q. What is the difference between tension?
A. Lower tensions give you more of a trampoline effect so you get more power. Higher tensions give you more control, although you have to be a somewhat experienced player to benefit from the higher tension.

Q. I've had my strings in my racquet for two years, why should I string it if it hasn't broken?
A. Strings have a life of less than one year. After that time, the string can no longer maintain its' elasticity and therefore, does not return the energy when it comes in contact with the ball. A new string job will make a huge difference in the way the racquet feels and make the game more enjoyable.

Q. I have a sore arm after I play, what can I do to lessen the pain?
A. Some strings are made to feel softer and help those who experience pain when playing. Stringing at a lower tension will help along with a vibration dampener. However, the best thing is to get a new racquet that specializes in shock absorption and comfort.

Q. My racquet came with strings, should I re-string them?
A. Yes, the racquet most likely came with your basic Nylon string and may have been sitting in the racquet for months in which it will play very dead. But try the racquet first and compare it after the string job, I think you'll agree that it was worth getting re-strung.